Medical Disclaimer Statement

Effective as of 11-16-2022

Sensable Health is a wellness program offered by Healthy LaunchPAD. Its sole intention is to help people develop healthier behaviors to avoid or manage excessive weight gain. As part of this process, Sensable Health will obtain Personal Health Information, such as a medical history related to certain diseases associated with weight gain and laboratory data which are primarily related to your hormonal levels, metabolism, and inflammatory response status. The purpose of obtaining this information is to develop a plan that is best suited for you in your desire for a healthier lifestyle and avoiding or dealing with excessive weight gain. Throughout the Sensable Health program, you will receive information and recommendations related to your lifestyle behaviors that may affect weight gain. None of this information is intended to deal with the diagnosis or treatment of any specific disease.

Sensable Health is NOT a healthcare program. It DOES NOT provide any medical diagnosis, medical advice, medical treatment, or advice about medications, nor is it a resource for any of these areas. While individuals may experience benefits to disease management as a result of participation in this program, as well as weight loss, Sensable Health is NOT intended to address any specific disease or its management. For any and all questions about any areas related to your personal health, we advise you to consult your healthcare provider.