You want to lose weight… and keep it off for good. You want to improve your overall well-being. You want to live a longer, healthier life.

You can. And you’re in the right place.

Sensable Health is a comprehensive wellness program that incorporates biology and behavior to achieve sustainable weight loss and improved overall well-being.

  • Improve your overall health – the factors that impact your overall well-being and your susceptibility for chronic conditions and disease
  • Lower your Set Point
  • Learn healthier lifestyle habits that become part of your everyday routines
  • Gain a better understanding of your personal biological make up and your behaviors, and how they apply to your weight management
  • Improve your Stress, Nutrition, Sleep, and Activity lifestyles through focused coaching and guidance
  • Reach your health and wellness goals
  • Lose weight and keep it off!

Sensable Health provides all the tools and resources you need, all in one place.


Stay motivated with live coaching with your dedicated Health Coach, plus receive ongoing, digital coaching and prompts on a daily basis via the Sensable Health App.


Our comprehensive Sensable Health should be interacted with on a daily basis – multiple times a day – to help you stay on course. Monitor your Stress, Nutrition, Sleep, and Activity through easy-to-use logging and tracking.


Receive a Withings Body scale in your Starter Kit. Connect your scale and your smart watch to the Sensable Health for reliable data and tracking.


Information is power when it comes to your health. Learn more about your own biological makeup, and how that impacts your health and wellness journey. Opt into our Lab Testing for even more in-depth data. 

Your health is an investment. And you are worth it.

Our Program

There is so much more to weight loss than just diet and exercise. That’s why the Sensable Health program takes into account all vital factors that truly matter. By working with you daily to get a solid understanding of your overall health and your personal behaviors, we are able to create a Personalized Health Plan to follow and help you reach your goals.

Our Science

Scientific research in the past several years indicates that your body has internal regulators that develop into your body’s “Set Point” – the weight range that your body has determined is your normal weight. In order to not only lose weight, but keep that weight off, it is imperative to change that Set Point.

The Journey to your Personalized Plan

  • Download App & Create Profile
  • Complete Intake Questionnaire
  • Receive Starter Kit 
  • Sync Your Devices with the Sensable Health App
  • Complete Lab Tests (optional)
  • Meet with Your Health Coach
  • Undergo 2-Week Baseline Performance Period (2-weeks) 
  • Receive Personalized Health Plan