How does the program work?

After you’ve completed the onboarding steps (see above How Do I Get Started?), you’ll be placed on a 22-week customized weight loss program. You’ll use the Sensable Health iPhone/Android app to log nutrition, activity, sleep and stress information and track your progress against your program goals. The app will display your sleep and activity data made available through compatible Fitbit or Apple devices. Food logging in the app, powered by Nutritionix, helps you track what you eat and make healthful food choices. We’ll monitor your stress with a daily check-in survey. You’ll interact with the app through daily logging, quizzes and surveys, personalized messages with goals, reminders, motivational texts, and helpful suggestions. The app will send specialized content, including educational videos and articles, motivational messages and helpful suggestions to guide you through the program and help you understand the four domains and how they relate to changing your Set Point and your health.

For a high-touch experience, you will have a personal coach who will guide you through the 26-week program, answering questions, giving you support and guidance as you make your way down the transformative path. There will be 9 scheduled phone calls throughout the program. Additional coaching can be purchased, as you would like.