Can you send my results to my doctor?

We will not send any lab test results to your physician. We recommend taking your results to your doctor on your next visit, or if some of your values are “flagged” as being out of range, you may want to share the results to your physician even sooner. If you have any questions regarding any of these results, contact your personal physician.

Who sees my personal health information? How is it used or shared?

Your personal health information is only shared with your Health Coach and the Sensable Health team. This information is used to create your Personalized Health Plan and to follow your progress. We may use de-identified information gathered from the Sensable Health program to perform statistical analysis of various aspects of the program, to analyze and evaluate issues relating to Stress, Nutrition, Sleep, and Activity, as well as participant activity in the program, in order to improve the Sensable Health program.

Is my personal health information secure?

Though Sensable Health is not a healthcare organization, your personal health information (e.g., your lab results and health conditions that you share with us) will follow healthcare industry standards for HIPAA compliance and cybersecurity, both in transit (email), at rest (in storage), or actively in use. We use proactive security protocol such as firewalls, data and hardware encryption, access control, carefully vetted vendors, and employ industry standard policies and procedures to manage your highly sensitive information.

If I choose to do the lab tests, how will I receive my results?

Your lab results are available in the Profile section of the Sensable Health App. If, after you obtain these results, you have any questions or if there are any flagged values, contact your personal physician. Remember, Sensable Health is a wellness program and does not provide any healthcare advice, interpretation, recommendations, or services.