Our Story

Sensable Health was founded to solve a need-based, epic problem in our country. It was developed with a passion for helping people live healthier, longer, and more fulfilling lives.

Like many other experts in the health and wellness industry, the Sensable Health team recognizes that obesity is not just a problem in our country, it is a global epidemic. Obesity leads to other conditions and disease states that further deteriorate health and well-being. 

While the prevalence of these metabolic problems is on the rise, viable sustainable solutions are few and far between. That’s not due to a lack of programs touting weight loss. Instead, it’s due to a lack of programs dedicated to the many factors that are associated with sustained weight loss.

What we have learned is that to truly achieve sustained weight loss, the focus needed to shift to the metabolic factors that produce overall wellness. Through years of practical experience and extensive research we now understand the key to success: that the biology affects the behavior just as much as the behavior affects the biology. That insight was the springboard for what would become Sensable Health.

Sensable Health was founded to take on the obesity epidemic head on, and finally help people lose weight – and keep it off – for the long run. This program is different, as it works to better understand and address the relationship between behavior and biology, and improve metabolic health. That is the key to not only helping address obesity, but potentially making a positive impact on the overall health and well-being for all of America. 

As part of this aspirational goal, we are also committed to improving the overall health of our communities.  As such, we aim to support metabolic health improvement programs for socially and economically disadvantaged populations through a variety of philanthropic initiatives and vehicles.  This includes supporting both of our founding non-profit partners – National Jewish Health and Healthy LifesStars – as well as other like-minded non-profit organizations.